In January 2016, Gilmer Arts kicked off the third phase of its Capital Campaign to raise more than $500,000 for the purchase and renovation of the Playhouse building.  

With the purchase in June 2015 of the 1940s building at 135 Dalton Street in Historic Downtown Ellijay, supporters of the arts in Gilmer County and neighboring communities moved one step closer to making a permanent venue for live performances a reality in Ellijay.  A generous gift from the George Link, Jr. Charitable Trust gave us a start for this incredible opportunity.  And the May 2016 announcement in of a grant from the Georgia Department of Economic Development's tourism program brought us $150,000 closer to our fundraising goal.

Significant renovations are required to transform this building into a 150-seat venue capable of hosting high quality performances, rehearsals and other events on 100+ nights per year.

Target date for opening is 2017, but of course this will depend upon many factors including the timing and amount of funds available.

Venues like these are the benchmark for vibrant communities.
— Kent Sanford, President, Ellijay Downtown Development Authority (about the George Link., Jr. Gilmer Arts PLAYHOUSE coming to downtown Ellijay)

This web site was launched with the dual objectives of raising awareness (and money!) and keeping the community updated on the progress of the fundraising and the renovations.

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